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Saturday, 06 September 2008
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The Empire Times Reheated

The Empire Times was the premier student newspaper at Flinders uni from 1967 until it ended in 2007 after the passage of Federal VSU legislation. It was published by the Students Association and the editors of The Empire Times were elected each year. Due to this ever changing editorial team the quality of the Empire Times varied greatly. Some years it was shithot and other years it was shithouse. Either way, we at FlindersStudents believe that at least some of the articles from the Empire Times should be available for current students. So we have begun to faithfully reproduce them.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week

/news/content/blogsection/7/56/fatherchrissmall.jpgSanta Clause is living as a Bum collecting cans to pay for all the presents he delivers.

It may be just me but I have been noticing a distinct lack of presents under what passes for a Christmas tree in my dingy little flat. Being the inquisitive and greedy little tyke I am I decided to research into this and see what I could see. What I discovered was a sad and sorry tale with only the slightest glimmer of hope. As it turns out Santa was going strong until the early 90’s when there was a bit of a scandal about ol’ Saint Nick, a telefraud scam and insider trading.


/news/content/blogsection/7/56/ford.jpgThings you should know about lectures and lecturers at our University

Introductory lectures are intended to give you an impression of what your course, the lectures, the topics etc. will be like for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, they’re often misused by lecturers to give a misleading impression in order to keep attendance up, or the class in fear. The following is a warning.

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