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Wednesday, 07 January 2009
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Horror-scope September 2007

The stargazers have been examining the alignments yet again and the verdicts are in. The future looks bad for you. There is no way you can get around it, you are in for a surprise that is nasty. You had best check to see what horrible and disgusting events are destined to befall you.


julytoilet7.jpgAugust Toilet Review: Small, cramped, and green.

It is unusual to find a toilet which installs the user with a true sense of peace and tranquillity. This latest toilet is truly no exception to the norm. While this facility is functional and conveniently placed in does not have any features that would endear itself to the end user.

From the moment I entered the pokey little hole that passes for a bathroom I felt claustrophobic to the point of nausea. The four walls of the room closed in as the smell of fresh urine invaded my respiratory system. I resisted the urged to find a better location to deposit my fluids and stepped up to the trough to complete the first part of my test.

Internet failure boosts Flinders Uni student productivity.

A recent failure of the university network today has had a dramatic and sudden affect on the productivity of students. Faced with the prospect of a lack of Google, Youtube Myspace and Freindster students suddenly found themselves with nothing to do except their work.

Flinders uni social sciences student, Melanie said, “I was sitting in the Flinders University Library When it first went down, I wasn’t sure...


Why I skipped my Tute.

Ever skipped a tutorial and haven’t been able to come up with a good excuse for your tutor? If so, then we can help. Never again will you struggle for an excuse, simply use one of ours.

  1. That was the day I always wash my hair.
  2. I decided to engage in a period of self directed learning.
  3. I consider tutorial times to be oppressive.
  4. I had the bubonic plague last week and I didn’t want anyone else to catch it.
  5. My hermit crab died and I was observing a period of morning.

March Toilet Review: A Sturt location with a Roman theme.

This delightful location features natural lighting, spacious cubicles, and striking tiled walls. Located on the third floor of the Sturt south building (just down from the Sturt library) this toilet is an ideal location for teachers, nurses and paramedics. However the distance from main campus makes it inconvenient for other students. This location could easily become one of the great toilet locations on campus with a few simple improvements and a little tender love.

 Horror-Scope for March 2007.

The alignment of the celestial objects in this month makes the divination of the future particularly difficult, although all signs indicate that despair, pain and suffering await nearly all. Don’t let this uncertain doom get you down, your friends (if you have any) will be in the same boat and will most likely need someone to sponge off.

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